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Take it from us, your wedding day will fly by in an instant, so being able to reminisce in the years to come is invaluable. 

That's why more and more couples turn to videography to keep a memory of their special day, but here at Wedits, we know that a full wedding video service can become expensive. That's why we offer an alternative.

Let's face it, these days everyone has a smartphone with a high-quality camera (with the possible exception of your Great Aunt Mildred) and with the average number of guests at a wedding in 2021 standing at 70 during the day rising to 100 in the evening, that's a lot of potential cameras ready and waiting to capture your big day.

Your guests can film every aspect of your day (they're likely doing it already!), from getting ready in the morning through to the final dance at the end of the night. Your guests then upload the footage to a central drop-box where you can have a first look through and remove any footage you're unhappy with (like that shot of you downing that 8th Jaegerbomb!).

We'll take care of the rest by editing all your footage into one professional-looking snapshot of the day. Once we're done, we'll send you a copy for you to keep forever.


Your guests film 
your special day


They send the 
footage to us


We edit into a 
beautiful memento

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